Deborah Harrison

Agonia by Deborah Harrison

The story behind this piece was from Steve, who had suffered from depression. He describes it as something which never quite goes away. I named this sculpture 'Agonia'. It is a Greek word which means an acute but unspecific feeling of anxiety or mental agony; usually reserved for philosophical anxiety about the world or about personal freedom.

I carved this piece on this theme to raise awareness of the mental health issues of men, especially suicide as we lost two friends this way. According to the Public Health England Suicide Prevention File 2015 Gloucestershire's suicide rate remains significantly higher than the national rate : Gloucestershire's rate is 11.5 people per 100,000 compared to England's 8.8. per 100,000 (a standardised average from 2011- 2013).

Not only this but suicide is 80% more likely to occur in males than females (ages between 35 and 49). This correlated with unemployment, living alone (40%) and being white British (84%).

I chose the title 'Agonia' as it is used only once in the Bible to describe the agony that Christ went through before deciding to die on the cross. The agony was so great he sweat drops of blood; a condition called hematohidrosis which was a recorded condition in the 1st World War before men were sent over the trenches.
Date: September 2016

Portland Stone
Dimensions: 62cm x 35cm x 30cm.